Each year, CASE brings together their 100 or so interns from across the country to the annual 3-day Advancement Internship Conference in Washington, DC for immersive learning and connecting with CASE leadership and each other.

It wasn’t hard to feel the energy and excitement of the interns as they gathered at the Grand Hyatt DC on this first morning of the event.  For some, it was their first visit to DC and for even some still, their first ever flight.  There was a bit a familiarity between the attendees as they had had previous CASE program-wide virtual meetings and webinars, but the conference provided the first and only opportunity to see all 100+ interns gathered in one place. 

PGI, as a funder for 6 of these internships (our 7th funded intern being independent of CASE), was honored to be included in a panel discussion on the “Importance of Advancement” as well as take part in a breakfast get together and meeting of our interns.  On the panel, Andy Hibel, PGI’s Planned Giving Advocate, was able to share with the interns his past and formative experience as a planned giving intern as well as his path to a rewarding career in planned giving.

It wasn’t all business for the interns as they got to also embark on an outing to the renowned Natural History Museum as well as see various sites that make DC so special.  And for PGI, it was more than seeing our funding at work, it was seeing minds expand to the possibility of new paths not thought of before and new friends to connect with on that journey.