Without Planned Giving, Nonprofits are Not Sustainable, Just Survivable

Planned giving enables nonprofits to move from survivable from one donor generation to another to being truly perpetually sustainable. The Planned Giving Initiative (PGI) exists to expand the education, understanding and use of planned giving and envisions universal nonprofit access to the benefits of planned giving. ¬†Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think!

Expanding the education, understanding and use of planned giving.

“We are enthusiastic to continue partnering with you in the years to come through the internship and graduate trainee programs! ¬†Your commitment is inspiring, and we are eager to collaborate further to make an even greater impact on our profession and beyond.”

Sue Cunningham

President and CEO, CASE

Since the National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Alumni Associations Foundation (NHBCUAAF) began partnering with PGI, it is the beginning of beneficial enhancements for our HBCUs. It is a way to support the missions and goals of HBCUs, to support our current and future students, increase planned giving, and diversify program offerings. Because philanthropic planned giving is new to some HBCUs, it is supplying the tools necessary to help them increase legacy giving.

Ty Couey

President, NHBCUAAF

“The Planned Giving Initiative CGP Councils grant program has been critical to councils coming out of the pandemic and restoring valued local programming. The designed flexibility of purpose within the grant application process has allowed councils to address specific needs, implement innovative programming and better serve their local communities.

For example, these grants allowed councils to address issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion without draining resources from regular programming. Councils have been able to continue this meaningful work sustainably, and these efforts now serve as models for other councils to adopt, thereby increasing the impact of these initiatives across the CGP national network of councils.”

Michael Kenyon

President and CEO, National Association of Charitable Gift Planners

About PGI

About PGI

The mission of the Planned Giving Initiative is to expand the education, understanding and use of planned giving and envisions universal nonprofit access to the benefits of planned giving.

Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients

The Planned Giving Initiative works to foster the careers and education of individuals working in the field of planned giving or serving blended roles in development. Grants are given to increase access to planned giving tools, resources and mentors to further professional development and increased use of planned giving as a whole.

Planned Giving Resources

Planned Giving Resources

Several factors go into sustaining a successful planned giving program. The Planned Giving Initiative recognizes the having resources available to all, in the form of mentors, professional services and resources can be the first, valuable step to get started or to continue to thrive.

The PGI is uniquely positioned to offer assistance to balance out the inequities endured by small and medium sized not-for-profits that do not have the benefit of planned giving programs.