The Planned Giving Initiative (PGI) exists to help the long-term viability of charitable organizations universally by providing a path-way to education, accessibility, and use of planned giving.  Providing interns with hands-on learning opportunities and exposure to a career in planned giving is one way we envision living our mission.  Strategic partnerships further enhance our work, and that is why we have partnered with the Council for Advancement and Student Education (CASE), a global nonprofit association and leader in advancement services.

Through this career pipeline initiative, the CASE Advancement Internship opens doors for students seeking a career in advancement while also increases and diversifies the number of professionals in educational advancement as a whole. The program is designed to attract students (undergraduate and graduate) who may not have previously considered a career in institutional advancement.

The following link directs you to a full description of CASE’s Advancement Internship Program:

The following link directs potential sponsors of interns to information required to be a CASE host institution:


Because the CASE Advancement Internships funded by PGI have more focused learning on gift planning, it’s important that the host institution has a strong planned giving mentor to work with the intern on a regular basis as it will provide the most meaningful planned giving-directed learning experience. 

The PGI-funded CASE Advancement Internship runs for 8 weeks in the summer (early June to the end of July).

In that time, interns will be committed to participate in two conferences:

  • A one-day virtual PGI planned giving workshop where interns will 
    • Meet the founders of PGI, Elizabeth and Andy Hibel
    • Learn from PGI’s Advisory Council leadership through sharing and Q & A
    • Hear from past PGI interns about their internship experiences and take aways
    • Receive an introduction to planned giving by an expert in the field
  • An in-person 3-day CASE internship conference in Washington, DC
    • Interns will be submerged in CASE advancement programming with leaders and peers
    • Dates are typically in late June 
    • The conference and travel costs are included in the CASE fee

Allocation of Time:

Interns spend roughly 80% of their time on institutional work and 20% on CASE work.

A generalized week-by-week schedule is provided by CASE with benefits of the program including:

  • Weekly e-Learning webinars
  • Networking between interns
  • Exploration of career paths and advancement


PGI provides funding for the CASE institution fee and stipend for the intern.

If you’d like to participate either as an intern or a host of an intern, please email [email protected].