The National Historically Black College and University Alumni Associations Foundation (NHBCUAAF) has
entered into a strategic partnership with the Planned Giving Initiative (PGI) to help identify HBCUs as recipients of learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate talent through internships and graduate
trainee programs.

Howard University has been chosen as the first HBCU recipient of a PGI-funded Advancement Internship
through CASE to provide paid, hands-on workforce training while increasing capacity for Howard in both talent
recruitment and fundraising.

Since 2016, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) has implemented an Advancement
Internship program that has roughly 100 internships each summer at institutes of higher education. In recent
years, PGI began working in partnership with CASE to fund internships with a concentrated focus for the intern
on planned giving efforts. It was important for PGI to also include HBCUs in their internship reach. PGI
reached out to Ty Couey, President, and Richard Smith, VP of Strategic Development, of NHBCUAAF who were
instrumental in forming the connection with Howard.

“Ty and Richard are true leaders when it comes to expanding engagement and resources at HBCUs.
We could not do our work without them. Placing a PGI-funded CASE Advancement Intern at Howard
will open doors for the intern to the possibilities of a rewarding career in advancement while learning
from skilled and knowledgeable staff at Howard and the remarkable program CASE provides. The
advancement staff at Howard are thoughtful in their approach to providing the intern with an
impactful experience, and we look forward to seeing how their planned giving efforts will benefit as
well.” Amy Roy, Executive Director, PGI

PGI plans to fund this 8-week, summer internship at Howard for 3 years. In addition to this internship, PGI is
working with the National HBCU Alumni Associations Foundation to identify an HBCU to co-host a PGI-funded
year-long Graduate Trainee who will also share duties within a predominantly white institution to bring peer
to peer learning experiences between the two schools.

“At a time when students are facing the challenges associated with the COVID pandemic, social
injustice and economic instability and uncertainty, the importance of student engagement must be
reaffirmed as an essential element of “Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Education.” Further, engaging
students with relevant knowledge, skills and experience will allow them to connect to gainful and
meaningful employment. Specifically, the NHBCUAAF/PGI partnership will provide these opportunities
for students by way of paid advancement internships and graduate trainee positions at selected HBCUs
for 3 years – with benefits to the HBCU by way of increased resources.” Richard Smith, Vice President of Strategic Development, NHBCUAAF

An additional benefit for the Advancement Interns is a planned giving workshop as part of the National
Association of Charitable Gift Planners’ (CGP) Council Leadership Summit where interns will learn from and
network with planned giving leaders, PGI Advisory Council members and past and present PGI interns.
The collaboration of many organizations: NHBCUAAF, PGI, CASE, Howard University, and CGP demonstrates
the breadth and importance of this endeavor.

Planned Giving Initiative (PGI)
Incorporated in 2020, The Planned Giving Initiative works to foster the careers and education of individuals
working in the field of planned giving or serving blended roles in development. Grants are given to increase
access to planned giving tools, resources and mentors to further professional development. PGI also strives to
expand the ability for nonprofits to carry out their missions in perpetuity by increasing the availability and use
of gift planning into their development efforts. PGI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information about PGI, please visit
Media Contact: Amy Roy at [email protected] or (708) 800-8474.

The National HBCU Alumni Associations Foundation (NHBCUAAF)
Established in 2016, the NHBCUAAF is a premier organization comprised of alumni leaders and associates from
HBCUs. NHBCUAF is comprised of experienced professionals with the knowledge, skills and expertise to
provide technical assistance to HBCUs and other institutions on a wide range of topics. NHBCUAAF leadership
and staff deliver products, consultation and services with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.
NHBCUAAF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. For more information about NHBCUAAF, please visit: or follow us on Social Media: LinkedIn I Facebook I Instagram.
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Howard University 
Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private, research university that is comprised of 14 schools and colleges.
Students pursue more than 140 programs of study leading to undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.
The University operates with a commitment to Excellence in Truth and Service and has produced two Schwarzman
Scholars, four Marshall Scholars, four Rhodes Scholars, 12 Truman Scholars, 25 Pickering Fellows and more than
165 Fulbright recipients. Howard also produces more on-campus African American PhD recipients than any other
university in the United States. For more information on Howard University, visit